Our typical clients

Types of clients who benefit the most from our advice

Retired couple with household bills

Approaching Retirement

Worried about Superannuation and Saving for retirement

We love helping everyday Australians save for retirement in a tax effective, cost effective way. Quite often we see people who feel like they have “left it too late” or who do not feel in control of where they are heading in retirement. We regularly provide advice regarding;

Getting Super all in order and invested appropriately

Saving on income tax through a transition to retirement strategy

Setting up income stream or pension accounts

Maximising Centrelink entitlements

Getting rid of old insurance policies where needed

Medical Professional holding stethoscope

Medical Professionals

Worried about not being able to work due to illness or accident

We are VERY experienced in helping young South Australian medical professionals in regards to protecting their most valuable asset; Their ability to earn an income. We understand the complexities of a SALHN payslip as well as the nature of occupationally acquired illnesses and the value of a quality, affordable income protection policy. Area’s we help medical professionals;

Income Protection & Life Insurance

Superannuation Planning

Super SA Salary Sacrifice

Investment Planning & Tax Strategies


Recently Divorced

Recently Single

Never had to deal with finances or super, and it all seems overwhelming

We are passionate about helping recently single people (whether through death, or divorce) take control of their finances and help to educate and guide you to making great financial choices now to ensure a better tomorrow. It can be quite overwhelming all of the information out there. Our job is to take the time to ensure you understand it all, and WHY we do what we do. Quite often this includes;

Saving’s plan / budgeting for a home

Sorting out & Consolidating superannuation

Help with investment selection in Super and education about what it all means

Explanation of terms such as salary sacrifice and concessional contributions

The Good news is, Our initial consultation is complimentary. So why not make a time today to see if there is something we can help with?